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What is India Startup Club (ISC)

RBL Bank is the first bank in India to initiate and launch a dedicated proposition, India Startup Club, for new-age enterprises to offer innovative and customized end-to-end solutions. What’s more? Our referral solutions provide the support and solutions startups need to get off the ground and start building their venture.

Who can become a member of India Startup Club

All new as well as existing startup enterprises can become a member of India Startup Club.

Are there any eligibility criteria for becoming a member of the Club

The Startup Current Account can be opened for an average monthly balance of Rs 20,000. For specific banking services, applicable eligibility norms may apply. To avail any of the referral services, it will be imperative to open a Current Account with us.

Is there any charge/ fee for becoming a member

There is no charge/ fee for becoming a member with ISC. For charges on banking services, please refer the Schedule of Charges

I am not a technology startup. Can I still be part of the Club and avail the startup banking services

India Startup Club caters to the needs of various sectors such as Financial Technology, Retail, Health, Analytics, E-Commerce and other innovative businesses and accordingly offers the right banking solutions.

How do I avail banking service under the program for startups

Fill in the enquiry form on the ISC website. Our smart branch executive will get in touch with you and provide you solutions based on your requirement.

Which bank will open my Business Account

India Startup Club is powered by RBL Bank and your startup account will be opened with RBL Bank.

I have an existing bank account. Can I still open an account under the Startup Program

Yes. You can open Startup Current Account for an average monthly balance of Rs 20,000.

What is remote servicing through virtual branch

It is an online 24x7 service channel created for customer service through dedicated email ID and helpline number.

How can I request service through remote service

Simply call us on 022-61156363 or email us at isc@rblbank.com through your registered mobile number or email ID for your banking requirement.

What kind of services can I request through email/ phone banking

All non-financial banking transactions can be requested through your registered email / phone number. Financials can only be processed if the request is received from the registered email ID. A customer can also place a request for doorstep banking services like cash withdrawal or cash/ cheque deposit through registered phone/ email ID.

How do you handle my personal information

Your personal information is confidential. We will never sell or rent any personal information that you give.

If I have a query, do I need to visit the branch

Simply call us on 022-61156363 or send us a mail at isc@rblbank.com, and our Relationship Manager will promptly answer all your queries straight away.